Seafarer Satisfaction
Rules & Regulations

Campus Rules
  • a) heavy money quantity isn't allowed.
  • b) throughout coaching amount guests aren't allowed.
  • c) throughout coaching period if any factor is broken or lost by tiro he are going to be to blame for fine.
  • d) Any gold ornament isn't allowed.
  • e) Alcohol, drug, smoking gutkha/pan masala are strictly not allowed within the coaching field if any caught he are going to be punished or fine are going to be charged.
    He could be suspended for five to ten days.
  • f) during coaching amount if any student misbehaves he can be suspended from the field for five to ten days.
Class space Rules
  • a) pay attention within the category space.
  • b) Bring necessary study materials.
  • c) Sit properly & listen carefully however some issue is claimed in the category.
  • d) Don’t interrupt once the instructor is expression one thing in the category.
  • e) Don’t speak loudly, an excessive amount of and gossip in the category.
  • f) Settle for the actual fact that you just aren't aiming to perceive everything.
  • g) Review (see what you've got written) your notes each day.
  • h) Browse your textbook totally (understand).
  • i) End your classwork and preparation on time.
Mess space Rules
  • a) Once you return to the mess, should be dressed up uniform.
  • b) Once you sit on chairs use follow the table manners.
  • c) Once you sit for meal should be quite & sober.
  • d) Once you begin uptake any noise mustn't return.
  • e) Once you get any emergency work whereas uptake should say excuse ME.
  • f) Once you sit for meal don’t panic & nervous.
  • g) Keep positive regards for others.
  • h) Before sit for meal wash your hands with soap showing neatness.